Monday, August 26, 2013

Enza Marketing follows the Quote [Seth Godin] - "If you don't start, you can't fail"

Every new ‘client project and business marketing campaigns’ bring new challenges and opportunities, altogether.

True indeed what wise men say – it is impossible to beat somebody who never gives up and makes a START with confidence.

Enza Marketing follows the Quote [Seth Godin]
Everyone at Enza Marketing is a contributor. We believe, as team - everyone can do much more and deliver better results to all the business clients.

Keep up the good work, folks! Three cheers to all the bell-ringers and high-rollers.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Marketing the right way with Enza

People often complain - we tried everything for a successful business, but nothing seems to work. Why?

If your business is one which tried direct mail, pamphlets, customized postcards, magazines, card packs, catalogs and other advertising and marketing strategies to reach the targeted market segment, but failed, then perhaps something is wrong.

Why not seek Enza Marketing for business consulting and marketing strategy plan?

We can help to review and manage your business. Contact us for business marketing services.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

New recruits at Enza Marketing and the Famous FIVE

Careers in marketing and sales: people that love to travel, interact and socialize more know, why MANY break into a marketing career, at the first place.

The job is pure fun - everyone at Enza Marketing Ltd enjoys daily interactions with zillions of people of all age group and genders.

Meet members of the UK marketing association - the new recruits [starters] at Enza Marketing Gloucester, who chose a sales and marketing career than any 9 to 5 job.

New Recruits at Enza Marketing

Now, famous FIVE
Enza Marketing_Famous Five

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Achievers that contributed to the organizational success

What achievers do and how do they think? Perhaps everyone should ask these fellows after employee rewards and social recognition at the Appco Group summer rally.

Wise men say one should trigger the right employee behaviors through various rewards and recognition programs for better results.

Consistent performance matters in everything. One should think ‘out of the box’, work beyond the call of duty, to be able to taste SUCCESS.

Meet the winners (Enza Marketing gallery)...

Enza Marketing - Achievers. Awards and Recognition at the Appco Group rally

Enza Marketing – Performance Excellence Awards. Achievers at the Appco Group rally

Friday, July 19, 2013

Strategic human resource planning and capital management for better outcomes

Human capital management and success factors: every employee is an asset to the organization and adds value in different ways.

The role of human capital managers in an organization is crucial, here. Through training and development, work activity management, workforce plan/modeling, rewards and incentive programs, they need to engage and retain employees.

Three cheers to them for human resource development programs and initiatives. Enza Marketing is happy to declare that we have the best talents on board.

Besides, congratulations to everyone for awards and recognition at the Appco Group convention at Harrogate Centre.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Appco Group Summer rally – a time for recognition, events and celebrations

It is the month of July. If some look forward to Pioneer Day, Revolution Day, Foundation Day, Independence Day and other, then people at the Gloucester based business marketing company looks forward to the Appco Group summer rally, this month.

It will be a moment to recognize and acknowledge talents from the sales and marketing industry. Watch this space for news updates on the event at the Harrogate International Centre.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Strategies, performance analysis and market research

With expansion plans, Enza Marketing looks forward to new avenues and territories. As usual, we will try to market and sell more and generate leads.

The focus will be to: develop the communications strategy, build and maintain customer relationships through different channels.

We aim to reach the goal of 4 marketing offices, soon. The company understands the need to evaluate past performances and assess the marketplace for new opportunities and challenges.

To address client projects and campaigns, Enza Marketing Gloucester will continue to recruit and train new talents at work.

Contact us to benefit from career and personal development programme.